About The Book

Creating Brand Energy

Creating Brand Energy is not just evolutionary it is revolutionary

Jeff Allis, CEO, Boost Juice.

Browse the shelves in the marketing section of your local bookshop. You will be inundated with jargon-packed titles bearing grandiose promises about bottom lines. Cath Sutherland knows there is more to business than profit margins. In Creating Brand Energy: How To Transform Your Business Energy into Market Power, she invites the reader into a more meaningful conversation about business and brands; one that explores who you are, what you stand for and why you are here.

In a word, this book is about connection. Introducing her innovative Brand Creation Model, Cath takes businesses through a process of connecting with their Purpose, Values, Personality, Product and Global Vision – all the while showing you how to build “Brand Energy” that is authentic and attracts relationships that are reciprocal, meaningful and connected to your Purpose.

This practical and creative guide is as powerful for the small business owner as it is for the corporate professional. A genuine “how to” book, it clearly outlines a process for building a powerful brand by deepening your understanding of your business identity, attracting “like energy”, and growing market share through connection.

Creating Brand Energy features inspiring stories of Australian businesses that have successfully applied the Brand Creation principles.

Brand Samples include:

  • BOOST Juice Bars
  • Morrison
  • Kailis Jewellery
  • Faraway Bay – the Bush Camp.
  • Enjo

Author Cath Sutherland talks about Creating Brand Energy https://youtu.be/lftzoM3vq-k