Creating Brand Energy Testimonials

Creating Brand Energy is captivating and thought-provoking; applying it thoughtfully creates shared vision and passion and a depth of understanding about the Brand Energy that makes your organisation unique.
Dr Liz Pattison, Strategic Planning Consultant

It’s a great training tool to show our staff the natural evolution of our brand, what it means to be a part of our energy, what they can do to activate it and how they can contribute and importantly provide consistency for our business.
Richard Poulson, Owner, Morrison.

Creating Brand Energy inspires businesses to rekindle their passion and love for their business and gives them a process to ensure their renewed energy flows through their entire operation.
Glenn Taylor, Managing Partner, Genesis Business Advisors.

We had been going about business with all the right ingredients, Cath’s Brand Creation Model gave us the recipe.
Bronwen Parsons, General Manager, Addwealth

Creating Brand Energy is a logical and engaging way to work through how we understand, represent and articulate our brand.
Michael Pailthorpe, CEO, Variety WA

The way we can incorporate our brand values into every aspect of the camp and the way that it is simple and meaningful to everyone in our team is excellent.
Robyn Ellison, Owner, Faraway Bay, Winner 2007 & 2008 Australian Tourism Awards

Inspirational! A fabulous book on how to make a world of difference by harnessing the invisible energies and connections of people within companies to establish and nourish long-term relationships with clients. What you cannot see is more powerful than what you can see. Thank you for bringing this clearly into the light!
Margie Bryant – Independent USANA Associate

Congratulations on a great book! Terrific stuff, very well presented and very in tune with the soul and energy that so much of business has lost. You turn what others make complex into simple elements presented in a great style.
Andrew Kerrich – Continuous Improvement Business Partner, Western Power

Creating Brand Energy is a book for our times and for the future of business. It is Exciting, Neotenous (maintaining childlike wonder yet being an expression of wisdom), Empathetic, Really Gutsy and will be of great benefit to You, Your business and Your relationships. In short, It is positive ENERGY. Read it and grow. Glenn Capelli CSP Churchill Fellow and author of Thinking Caps

Creating Brand Energy presents a wonderfully thorough account of the intangible. Businesses don’t become ultra-successful through implementing text book marketing and sales strategies, this is the next step in business development and I congratulate Cath on her ability to present such a well-developed conceptualisation.
Domenic Crouch – Think Feel Perform and Peak Habits Study Coaching

Creating Brand Energy is life changing – not only from a business perspective but as most small business owners would appreciate, also from a life perspective. I get so excited I almost burst when anyone picks up this book to browse. The energy behind the book, the intention and its integrity are what make it continue to be such a popular purchase. Being a business that aims to inspire people in whatever form they may choose Creating Brand Energy fits perfectly with our mission and vision and continues to earn its place on the middle shelf!
Kirsten Shearn – Chief Inspiration Officer, Inspiration Factory