Self Expression

Business – A form of self-expression

Businesses – they are a form of self-expression – continually evolving and devolving, depending on who is at the helm.  This expression depends on the leader’s self-awareness and their awareness of the energy of their business (the collective energy of everyone who works with the business).

You can tell a lot about a leader by how they manage their business and how they allow or don’t allow the true energy of their business (everyone who works with them) to be expressed.

If they have a 3D perspective they will understand it is not just WHAT they sell – but more importantly WHO they are, WHY they do what they do and HOW they sell it – which also creates the differentiation and attraction for their product.

The one dimensional managers just focus on WHAT they sell and the direct linear link to their customer.  How can we be more attractive to our customers through WHAT we sell?

Well, therein lies the problem – it’s not just WHAT you sell – and the connection isn’t linear.

Business is a value exchange.

And that value is not just functional value – exchanged through the physical product.

It is also emotional value – exchanged through activating the energy of WHO you are, WHY you do what you do and HOW you sell. This emotional value wraps and gives meaning to your product.

Emotional value is not linear, it is made up of a web of expressions, feelings communications, nuances, relationships, shared experiences, memories, likes and dislikes, habits and reactions, intuitions.

To manage this expression the one dimensional leader has to abandon their safe, controlling, corralling linear line of management.

Delivering emotional value is firstly about bringing together a team who is aligned through personality, values, purpose and a global vision – and then inviting them to express this, their way, through everything they do in your business. Through your teams’ self-expression of who you are, you can cast a generous web of emotional value and create exponential value for your business and your stakeholders.

How is your business expressing itself?

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