Who Are You As a Business?

Some of the feedback I get from business owners is, that getting to know yourself as a business is nice to have, but not vital for running a business.

Then I see them launch into their operations and marketing and all of these questions come up.

How should we be speaking to our clients and potential clients? What is our tone of voice? Should we sound informal? Or being in the industry we are in, should we be more professional?

How should we be building our relationships with clients and potential clients?

What type of clients do we want for our business? Who is our ideal client? Who is the right fit for us?

How can we get our team members to serve our clients better, which gives us a consistency of service and delivery?

Then these sorts of discussions take place….

Well I think we should do this – because that’s what our competitors do and that’s what works for them!

Well I think we should do this – because this is the industry we are in.

Well I think we should do this because we are not some two bit company, we are bigger now and should be seen as more professional.

Conversations go round and round, meetings last forever, strategies are guessed, ‘things’ are tried.

The operative word here is SHOULD! You shouldn’t be a certain way.
You just need to BE who you are as a business (that is, the collective of everyone who works with you).

Being authentically YOU is your differentiator, which is going to be a breath of fresh air for your industry.

Being YOU is going to have the right people – including potential team members and clients being attracted to you. To who you really are!

So discover who you are, be who you are, stay aligned with who you are, manage who you are and express who you are.

Because guess what? BEING who you are, will mean you will attract more of who you are. You will make authentic connections and be in alignment with your clients, team, all of your stakeholders.

This saves time, there’s less churn, less wheel spin, less trial and error.
There IS, flow, alignment, ease, quick decision making, more certainty of direction and strategy.

And that makes for successful, sustainable relationships and a self-confident, efficient, successful business.

So who are you?

Through my process there are 5 Energy Elements you need to determine to understand WHO you are. These guidelines when used as management tools will instruct, hone and improve every aspect of your business.

Save yourself time and please make the investment of time to get to know yourself.

Conscious Business – Business energy for success.

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