The Amazing Values Challenge

Activate your business values. Put your team to the test with Cath’s Amazing Race Style – Amazing Values Challenge. It’s a great fun team building day!

Integrate your business values with your team in this fun “Amazing Race Style” team building event.

This event will be tailored to your business, your unique Brand Personality and Values and your chosen ‘race’ location.

It’s a great fun team building day!

Our Amazing Values Challenge in Rotto was the most amazing experience – 2 months on and everyone is still talking about it. It really honed in on making everyone aware of what our values are and how we can use them as guidelines for everything we do.
Natasha Lie – Director LG Accounting Solutions

As part of the Brand Creation Process, or as a standalone, Cath Sutherland can develop for you a unique, fun, half or full day event that will help your team learn, integrate and express your business values.

In addition to being a fun team building event, The Amazing Values Challenge gives real life meaning to your values. Your team will be playfully tested and tried on a number of levels. The result being, after the challenge, they will fully understand how they can live your business values at work – leading to empowerment, greater team engagement, alignment and work satisfaction.

Contact Cath to discuss a unique event for your team.

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Recently Cath Sutherland assisted 50 of my top Sales Leaders and Managers with the facilitation of an offsite Corporate Strategy Day, where the key focus and goal was on integrating and embedding St George’s values into the team.

Cath Sutherland’s“Amazing Values Challenge” plays out in a similar way to the very popular TV reality show “The Amazing Race”, with teams working together to find clues, overcome challenges, solve puzzles and race against each other, in the hope to be the first team to arrive at the final pitstop to claim the coveted prize!

The main takeout for the day, was that it brought our values to life and helped staff really connect with and live them in how they deliver to our customers and interact with each other. Everyone had so much fun, and you could hear constant laughter and literally watch the camaraderie build as the day unfolded!

I do highly recommend this activity for other Corporate Teams looking for a fun way to embed their organisation’s values and improve their overall brand energy.
Tracey Barnes – (Former) State Manager WA, Corporate & Business Banking, St George Bank. December 13, 2008