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Cath’s presentations are engaging and insightful for businesses across all industries.

Cath believes that businesses are not just physical functional entities they are also energetic emotional entities made up of the collective energy of everyone who works with the business.

It is the energetic aspects of business and the ability to activate the power of the human energy within your business which is the key to business health, sustainability and success.

Cath will take you through her revolutionary process about how you can define the unique Brand Energy or culture of your business and how you can activate this for business success.

Cath inspires businesses to understand, define and live their unique Brand Energy (culture). By doing this, they become conscious. Conscious of who they really are as a collective and conscious of their true impact on their team, customers, stakeholders, the environment, communities and the global community.

It is through this consciousness that businesses can build and positively manage their relationships and the value they offer.  This translates into a powerful brand, exponential profits and business value.

Cath hopes that it is through this consciousness that businesses, one at a time, will foster corporate integrity.

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Cath embodies the Brand Energy she so passionately and expertly teaches and her concepts beautifully illustrate the power of aligning your organisation’s brand value and personality to bind your staff and customers together in a powerful and permanent alliance.

Paul Lyons, Group Managing Director, Ambition Group.

Well done, great presentation. Energetic! To the point. Great role model!
Noel Nicholson, Alternative Hair Design.

Wonderful thankyou. Enlightening and insightful.
Robyn Saunders, Owner, Chesters

A really interesting conceptual model to engage staff and stakeholders in ‘what we’re really about’. Energising! Thought-provoking!
Debra Rosser, Chair, Youth Legal Service.

Extremely interesting and value-adding presentation. Thought- provoking and incisive.
Richard Price, Barrister, c/o Youth Legal Service

Great presentation – makes me want to buy the book. Also shows where we need to improve and how to be successful.
Helen Gasper, Manager, The Herdsman.