Social Media – Your Global Stage

Social Media  - Your business on the global stage


I was discussing with my client yesterday that one of her most critical hires for her new online business was who she hired to post her social media.

This person is the portal to her online business and success.

Your social media manager is like the traditional receptionist on kryptonite.

They often give the first impression of your business AND they have global reach!

And when customers connect to your social media conversations – your social media manager is also your graphic designer, advertising agency, market researcher and events, business development, customer support and human resource managers. Their posts determine how your brand is expressed, how it attracts clients and new employees, how it makes friends, how it can be trusted, whether it becomes loved and whether your brand develops life partnerships.

They are in control of attracting and building a healthy sustainable database of loyal engaged online customers.

So what are you saying and doing? Are you conscious of who you are and how you are expressing your business?

I have worked together with my client to develop her Brand Energy Blueprint.

This is her ultimate guide for HOW she does business. It defines the energy of her brand, its unique, rich character and purpose, and how it can be lived and expressed in everything her business does. So everything she does is a conscious and authentic expression of who her business is.

Your Brand Energy Blueprint – is a gift for your social media manager. It makes their job easier. It not only gives great ideas for stories and online campaigns, it also gives them confidence to know that, when they post content that is aligned with your Brand Energy Blueprint, they are strategically and consistently building business and brand value.

To see what My Brand Energy Blueprint is all about – download a free PDF here and while you are there check out my site for more information.

Cheers Cath

Conscious Business
Business Energy for success.

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