Become a Conscious Business

How to become Conscious?

The Brand Creation Model outlines the journey for how your business can become a Conscious Business.

This is explained in Creating Brand Energy- How to transform your business energy into market power. 

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Your Brand Energy comprises your:

  • Global Vision – the spark of your vision ignited into something great.
  • Purpose – what charges your energy.
  • Values – what fuels, supports and protects your energy.
  • Personality – the style of energy connection you want to make.
  • Product – the connection point for customers.
  • Brand Essence – the essence of your collective energy.

In expressing who you are in the market place, your:

  • Brand Essence – attracts customers
  • Product – gets customers acquainted
  • Personality – befriends customers
  • Values – earn trust and respect from customers
  • Purpose – fosters love from customers
  • Global Vision – inspires life partnerships

Become a Conscious Business and enjoy a powerful business and brand.

Buy Creating Brand Energy (the book) and follow the steps to defining and activating your unique Brand Energy.

Invite Cath (through keynote presentations) to explain the Brand Creation Model to your team, oganisation or industry group.

Engage Cath to personally facilitate the model with your business.

The team at ENJO loved the Brand Creation Model and see great applications for it in the customer care element of our business linked to our ENJO way internally. We would suggest all business owners and leaders be across the content in how you can make a difference in your Brand Energy.
Barb de Corti Founder & Managing Director