Brand Energy Blueprint

What is your Brand Energy Blueprint?

By going through the Brand Creation Process, you can determine your unique Brand Energy Blueprint and brand plan for your business.  Your Brand Energy Blueprint defines your 5 Brand Energy Elements that make your energy unique.  These are your guiding tenets, which as a business you can activate, live, manage and express through everything you do, so everything you do positively and strategically contributes to your brand.

Competitors can copy your product, but they cannot copy your Brand Energy. Your unique Brand Energy is your most powerful competitive advantage.


Global Vision

To foster corporate integrity

Through being conscious of who they are and their impact, (having worked through the Brand Creation Process), businesses demonstrate responsibility to the individual and their natural and social environments. Employees, representatives, suppliers and customers alike, can align with, be enriched by and grow through the businesses with which they interact.  Businesses are a conduit for growth and enrichment.


To develop a global Conscious Business network

Through the Brand Creation Process – a revolutionary way to simplify business operations, foster corporate integrity and empower businesses to succeed.

The business of Conscious Business – a continuous business enrichment program providing information and techniques for businesses to develop their consciousness. To positively determine who they are, be who they are, live who they are, express who they are and enjoy the natural flow-on success.

To work with and be enriched by a team of exceptional, inspiring individuals who share and can positively contribute to Conscious Business’ Brand Energy and Global Vision.

Conscious Business – a high profile, globally recognised brand.


To build Conscious Businesses so individuals are enriched through their interactions with business.

Brand Creation builds Conscious Businesses.

A Conscious Business is one which is aware of and takes full responsibility for itself, for its actions and the consequences of those actions for employees, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, markets, the environment, local community and global community.

Conscious Business fosters Conscious Employees – employees who consciously choose the right business for them, where they can live their values and self actualise through their work.  Conscious Employees take responsibility for their role and are aware of exactly what they are investing their energies into and of their contribution to their team, business, customers and markets.

Conscious Business encourages Conscious Customers – who are consciously aware of what they are buying and the consequences of their purchase, the effect on their families, communities, the environment and global community (conscious consumerism). They are conscious of why they buy what they buy, and whether they really need to buy what they buy. Conscious Customers are also conscious of the real emotional benefits of these purchases.

In building Conscious Businesses:

  • Conscious Businesses deal with other Conscious Businesses
  • Employees seek Conscious Businesses to work for
  • Customers seek Conscious Businesses to buy from
  • Conscious Businesses, employees and customers foster Conscious Governance
  • Individuals are enriched through business

A commitment to consciousness and a commitment to action is necessary to manifest what we affirm and intend.
Marianne Williamson


  • Integrity– honesty, truth, openness, admission, realism, accountability, responsibility.
  • Passion – living my passion, being inspired, creative, interested, challenged and excited about relationships, energy, business and life.
  • Grace – having compassion, style, humility, showing consideration.
  • Fun – got to have fun, laugh and joke. If it’s not fun it’s not worth doing. Serious business can be fun. We all need to lighten up and not take things too seriously. Life is a game. Fun is a great reality check and puts things into perspective.  Having fun is a vehicle to joy.
  • Sharing – new ideas. Collaboration, teaching and understanding.


Fun, creative, easy going, young at heart, social, caring, supportive, thoughtful, analytical, strategic, big picture thinker, honest, giving, inspiring, dependable, responsible, real, exploratory

Personal purpose  x  passion  + collective momentum  =  maximum impact.
Cramer & Wasiak, Change The Way You See Yourself – Through Asset-Based Thinking

Product (Sample)

  • Creating Brand Energy Book
  • Key note speaking featuring The Brand Creation Process
  • Creating Brand Energy CDs, DVDs
  • Creating Brand Energy coaching
  • Creating Brand Energy modules – step by step guides to facilitating the process.
  • Web site to drive business, subscriptions, free learning and paid coaching. Interactivity to invite companies to contribute ideas of HOW they creatively activate, live, manage and express their Brand Energy – Global Vision, Purpose, Values, Personality and Product

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