It’s all about energy!

Your business is both a physical and energetic entity.

Your business energy is your Brand Energy

The collective energy of everyone who works with you determines your reputation in the marketplace.  Your reputation is your brand.  Therefore your business energy is your Brand Energy.

Your Brand Energy attracts customers

It’s the first thing customers come into contact with before they connect to your product. Your Brand Energy attracts, magnetizes and invites customers to become acquainted.

Your Brand Energy determines your product

This is a big one. It is the collective energy of everyone who works with you (their thoughts, emotions, will and creative intelligence), which creates your product. Your product is a manifestation, expression and reflection of your Brand Energy.

Your product is not the be all and end all

Your product is merely a conduit for:

  • Customers to connect with you
  • Customers to realise an emotional benefit and self actualise in some way. What is the unique experience your customer has with your product?  What do they personally feel, realise and take from experiencing your product? Your Brand Energy can greatly enrich this experience
  • Customers to start a relationship with you. Your physical product may satisfy a need but it’s your Brand Energy, how you interact with your customers throughout the buying cycle that invites and offers customers the opportunity to have a long term relationship

Expressing your authentic Brand Energy attracts the right customers for your business

Determining and refining your unique Brand Energy, activating and positively managing this within the workplace and consistently expressing your Brand Energy in the marketplace, will attract the right customers for your business.  The right customer, through connection with your product, gets to know you, becomes friends with you, trusts and respects you, finds they don’t want to live without you and stays with you for the life of your brand.

It is not your product that attracts and endears customers for life; it is your Brand Energy.

It’s all about energy. Creating a powerful brand is all about activating and managing the collective energy of everyone who works with the business.
Cath Sutherland

Positive Brand Energy





Drives AND


Your market, community, customers, stakeholders, suppliers, team, managers and directors – everyone who comes in contact with your business.