Show Me The Money

So how does Brand Energy translate into profits, and business and brand value?

On a physical level your business creates a product that provides functional value for your customer. Your business vision sets the overarching objective for your business plan, which outlines how you can produce and sell your product to achieve your projected foundation profits. This is the basis for any great brand. I know this sounds obvious, but to start with you need a strong business foundation, a great product and a working, functional, profitable business.

Your Brand Energy is your business’ unique value-add.

Defining, activating and managing your Brand Energy offers a ‘value-add’ to all aspects of your business and your foundation profits.

On an energetic level, through your Brand Energy, you create emotional value.  By going through the Brand Creation Process you determine your unique Brand Energy Blueprint. Your Brand Energy Blueprint is your Brand Plan – which outlines how you are going to achieve the objectives of your business plan, how you do business and specifically, how you can manage and build the emotional value of your brand.  The more emotional value you offer, the more customers are prepared to buy and pay. Your Brand Energy creates emotional value and through all your relationship marketing you create exponential value-add to your foundation profits.

Your Brand Energy adds exponential value to your foundation profits.

And your Brand Energy is unique to you. Unlike a physical product your Brand Energy is something competitors cannot copy, giving you a powerful and untouchable competitive advantage.

Your customers seek both functional and emotional value. A customer may seek out your product (such as a washing machine) predominantly for its functional value (has the largest capacity), followed by the emotional value it offers (Mum used this one).  Alternatively, customers may seek out your product (such as fine jewellery) predominantly for emotional reasons (to feel they are loved, have succeeded, or they are valued).  The high price is then supported and justified by the functional value, such as the quality and authenticity of the diamonds or pearls and the distinguished reputation of the jeweller. And of course it’s an investment.

How many customers could you be missing out on because you have not developed unique and strong emotional value around your brand?

When you work at creating functional AND emotional value, you can stimulate sales and achieve unlimited profits.

There is only so much you can do to improve the functional value of your product, but the opportunities for improving the emotional value of your brand are unlimited and constantly changing in our dynamic marketplace. Your Brand Energy Blueprint is your unique competitive advantage and your ultimate guide for confidently seizing and maximising new market opportunities that are aligned with your brand and that will help you build emotional value, exponential profits and market power.

Your Brand Energy is your key to exponential profits, business sustainability and brand value.

 Emotional value = $