What if customers aren’t always right? What happens when you are true to YOU in business? What if, instead of chasing customers, customers are attracted to your unique frequency? What if you didn’t do what everyone in your industry does?

There are plenty of keynote speakers in the areas of business development and brand strategy who offer traditional strategic tips, tools and processes. Cath Sutherland challenges long held traditional business and marketing assumptions and invites you to take a leap of faith to uncover the true value of your business – YOU.

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Keynotes by Cath Sutherland

Give your audience a fresh perspective on how to do business and how to stand out in the marketplace

  • Engaged Audiences

    Rest assured knowing your audience will be energised and inspired

  • Real life case studies

    Watch Cath walk the talk as she leads you through real world examples

  • Conscious Business Model

    Insights into Cath’s revolutionary model for Creating Brand Energy

  • Interactive Exercises

    Audience participation and real-life business questions are encouraged

As a brand and marketing expert, Cath Sutherland helps businesses to uncover WHO they are, and understand how ‘being’ who they are is the key to sustainable business success.

Since the launch of her book, Creating Brand Energy, in 2011, Cath has been on the speaking circuit inspiring corporations, business owners and entrepreneurs to approach business differently. Starting with WHO, Cath demonstrates a model that uncovers the unique energy of who you are and demonstrates how, when you activate this, in everything you do, you can build a genuinely unique, authentic and successful business.


  • Cath’s presentation at our breakfast received some of the best feedback we have ever had for a speaker. Attendees went away inspired.
    Sharon Lawrence – Small Business Centre South West
  • If every business plan started with the Brand Creation Model, it would be off to a highly competitive start! Great presentation, thanks!
    Julissa Shrewsbury - New Work Consulting

Energising Presentations

Cath has spoken to many audiences great and small, at international conferences, Tedx events and even inside her garden shed.

Captivated Audiences:

Business Leaders

Corporate Executives


Small Business Owners

Health & Wellness Professionals

University Students

Keynote Topics:

It's all about WHO

How to be a Conscious Business

Creating Brand Energy

Doing what’s right and not what’s easy

  • I just wanted to say “A big thank you” for your contribution to our program In Dubai, it certainly left a true mark in everybody’s mind. Your session brought out massive positive energy and serious engagement. We do hope you will always be able to share with us your deep knowledge, experience and guidance. It was truly amazing. Faris Abouhamad – Chairman and World President – International Advertising Association
    Faris Abouhamad – Chairman and World President – International Advertising Association

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