What value are you offering your customers? What do your customers’ plug into when they connect with your brand? What does your customers’ journey look and feel like? If you could use your business as a vehicle for good what would it be?

Cath’s guided step by step small business workshops, have been designed to help you, as a solo/entrepreneur, get clear about who you are, what value you offer and why you’re in business. You’ll also know precisely how to show up in the marketplace, attract more customers and build a successful business.


Creating Brand Energy

Learn how Creating Brand Energy attracts like energy, so you can build a supportive and sustainable community for your business.

  • 6 Workshop Sessions

    Guided 3 hour workshops scheduled each fortnight

  • Conscious Business Blueprint

    Articulate your Brand Personality to attract and befriend customers

  • Grow an Authentic Network

    Attract the right clients to build your Brand by being WHO YOU ARE

  • Build Successful Relationships

    Successful business relies on successful relationships

Imagine yourself at a party surrounded by enthusiastic solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, excited to make their mark on the world with their business.

Now imagine going every fortnight, and together with this supportive community, developing your own unique blueprint for success...

Welcome to the Creating Brand Energy Workshops!


  • As a new small business owner, I have found the Conscious Business Workshops invaluable! Having very little business experience, the workshops have given me the tools and confidence to a run successful, unique and more conscious business by being authentic to who I am.
    Lauren Howe – The Little Wellness Co.
  • This process has just been fantastic, it was a great workshop – just what I needed to reignite the spark within me to move forward with my business planning. I feel privileged and grateful to receive all the teachings and sharing’s from each of the group. It’s truly inspirational that we’re all sharing and being able to help each other on the journey, so thank you.
    Beverly Rose Dallas - ITA Energy Medicine Therapist

Tailored Workshops

Cath’s Creating Brand Energy process can be customised and tailored to complement business conferences and events.

  • The Conscious Business workshops took me on a journey of discovery not only of my business, but of myself. I now have the tools, language and self-belief to fully express the true potential of my brand, my business and my values. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone in business to go through Cath’s model first, before any other program, as Cath’s work truly cuts through the confusion and connects you to the authentic expression of who you are as a business. The tools you will walk away with from Cath’s model will serve you on every, and any other business workshop you choose to take. Once you’re clear on your business, your tone, values and much more, business is not only easier but more enjoyable. Thank you Cath. Nat Amar - Mind Body Heart
    Nat Amar - Mind Body Heart

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