Social Media – Your Global Stage

  I was discussing with my client yesterday that one of her most critical hires for her new online business was who she hired to post her social media. This person is the portal to her online business and success. Your social media manager is like the traditional receptionist on kryptonite. They often give the […]

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Walk Personality

Designing a brand and logo and describing who you are as a business in the ‘About Us’ section of your website is only the first stage of developing a brand. How do you live your brand? How do you express who you are as a business in everything you do? By having a clear understanding […]

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Who Are You As a Business?

Some of the feedback I get from business owners is, that getting to know yourself as a business is nice to have, but not vital for running a business. Then I see them launch into their operations and marketing and all of these questions come up. How should we be speaking to our clients and […]

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Self Expression

Business – A form of self-expression

Businesses – they are a form of self-expression – continually evolving and devolving, depending on who is at the helm.  This expression depends on the leader’s self-awareness and their awareness of the energy of their business (the collective energy of everyone who works with the business). You can tell a lot about a leader by […]

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Vietnam Fresh Markets

First world problems

  Just back from a wonderful trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. In my 49 years I travelled a lot, and this has included many developing countries. What resonated with me in particular on this trip was our first world problems. This could have been because I was also reading the New York Times best-selling […]

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Positive Intent

What is the difference between positive affirmations and positive intent?

Conversations with Melaney Ryan – Director Australian StillPoint Institute Over the past seven years I have had the pleasure of studying with Melaney Ryan from the Australian StillPoint Institute. StillPoint provides empowering training programs and wellness services and is my homing point and wisdom centre for all of my business development. I always have questions […]

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