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Designing a brand and logo and describing who you are as a business in the ‘About Us’ section of your website is only the first stage of developing a brand.

How do you live your brand?

How do you express who you are as a business in everything you do?

What is your Brand Personality?

What is your Brand Personality?

By having a clear understanding of your Brand Personality, you can ensure that everything you do positively contributes to your reputation and brand.

It starts by understanding your rich character.

If your business was a person – what movies would they see? What car would they drive? What restaurants would they go to, for example, and why? What does, what you do, say about you?

When you understand your Brand Personality, you will have a set of guidelines to help you determine everything:

  • From what colour to paint the office; To the look, style and tone of all your marketing material; To how you direct and manage the culture of your organisation.

By doing some fun discovery work upfront, you can save a whole lot of time down the track wondering if this is right or that is right.  Everything you do, will either be in line with your Brand Personality and positively contributing to your brand or not. Simple!

Save time – by spending a little bit of time (3 hours) this Sunday (19 April) at my Brand Personality Workshop at the beautiful Mind Body Heart Store in Wembley.  Get your tickets here. I hope to see you there.

And to find more about me and my Brand Creation Model visit Conscious Business.

Cheers Cath

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